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Bible Basics Conference 2015: The church

Bible references


Topic: The Church

(01) What is the church a reminder (H. Graf)
(02) What is a local expression of the church, and how does it relate to other similar gatherings (R. Wall)
(03) Assembly meetings: Breaking of bread, prayer, edification focus on the last two (S. Attwood)
(04) The Lord's Supper and the collection for the saints (G. Warnes)
(05) The Lord's Table and who may break bread (M. Hardt)
(06) Gifts in Eph. 4-11 (N. Fleet)
(07) Pastoral care (G. Hawes)
(08) Gifts in 1 Cor. 12-14 (P. Dronsfield)
(09) Q&A
(10) Local charges, and local responsibilities incl. elders, overseers and deacons (H. Graf)
(11) Unity and Authority (M. Grasso)
(12) Discipline in the assembly, with scriptural examples (H. Clark)
(13) Mr Derek Cooper The hope of the church (D. Cooper)
(14) Q&A
(15) Summary (M. Hardt)

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